Suburban League adopts new cheerleading rule

Mikey Kahoe, Staff Reporter

The Suburban League adopted a new rule which only allows eight cheerleaders on the basketball court at one time.

Revere athletic director Tom McKinnon explained the new rule.

“The new rule follows Ohio State Athletic association guidelines for district and state tournaments . . . The motion was brought up by an athletic director in the Suburban League at the athletic director’s meeting on November 9. The motion was seconded and the Athletic Director’s voted on it. It then went to the principal and the principals voted on November 15 and it was passed”.

Senior cheer captain Allie Staats commented on the new rule.

I do not think it is very fair to put this rule into effect just two weeks before our season starts. There are ten seniors, and with the new rule we can no longer all cheer together . . . The rule blindsided us; we had no idea would exist until it was actually passed” Staats said.

The cheerleaders will lose substantial time on the court because of this new rule.

We have 17 girls on the squad, and now we are going to have to come up with a fair rotation so each girl gets the same amount of time on and off the court,” Staats said.

McKinnon also commented on the fairness of this rule.

“The commissioner, Keith Walker had concerns of officials running into cheerleaders . . . I understand the safety concerns and official concern, so I do see points to it. The other side is our cheerleaders have prepared a certain way, so throwing a monkey wrench at them this late in the game is difficult,” McKinnon said.

Senior cheer captain Angie Mills spoke about the uncertainty in the rule.

The new rule had good intentions, but they do not know enough about our sport and therefore did not create rules for all parts. For example, the rule does not take into consideration “starting 5,” a cheer, which the whole team does while the players are announced,” Mills said.

The team starts their season at Firestone on December 2.