• April 24Class Day occurs Friday, May 3
  • April 24RHS Senior Prom takes place Saturday, April 27


Lantern is a limited forum for the students of Revere High School and is published monthly as a product of the Lantern Production class at Revere High School. The purpose of Lantern is to report the news of Revere High School and to project the views and the opinions of the students to each other and to the community. The Lantern staff endeavors to maintain professional journalistic standards in reporting news and providing for student opinion.

Although Lantern has the freedom to provide for the discussion of issues, the staff recognizes and respects the limitations placed by current case law. Lantern will not print libelous material that would intentionally demonstrate injury to a student, staff member, administrator, or local public official. Lantern will not print any profanity, obscenity, vulgarity, lewd sexual content or any material that would cause a disruption of school activities.

Any manipulated photos in Lantern will be labeled as photo illustrations.

Lantern is not subject to the prior review of the principal of Revere High School or any other administrator of the Revere Local School District, who are thus not responsible for the content of the Lantern. Similarly, in an effort to maintain editorial control of the paper, it is staff policy that interview subjects may not preview articles prior to publication.

The staff adviser does not act as a censor and is not responsible for the content of the Lantern; instead, the adviser teaches and advises the staff as to legal and professional standards and ethics regarding the production of the Lantern.

Lantern is a free publication for all students and staff of Revere High School.

Revere High School is located at 3420 Everett Road, Richfield, Ohio 44286.

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