Tennis team heads to postseason

Rory Wainwright, Staff Reporter

The women’s Varsity tennis team continues postseason play as they wrap up this year’s campaign.

The girls finished the regular season with a 13-7 record.

Senior captain Amy Lazbin reflected on her last season on the team.

“I will miss being with my team every day,” Lazbin said.

Lazbin plays doubles with freshman Morgan Dobos.

Lazbin, Dobos, senior Maggie Pavlich, sophomore Jenny Fan, senior Margaux Miller, sophomore Nina Lazbin, and senior Molly Oldham all qualified for postseason play. 

Lazbin and Dobos played on Saturday, October 6 in the sectional semi-final at Rocky River High School.

In addition, the team trained with SCULPT Fitness this season, helping the team get stronger. Miller explained the Sculpt workouts.

“I like Logan our trainer, we definitely trust him and [I felt] more prepared and confident going into the season,” Miller said.

Seniors on the Varsity tennis team include Amy Lazbin, Molly Oldham, Margaux Miller, Maggie Pavlich and Meha Elango.