New coach creates hope for the season

Lux DeMoss, News Editor, Opinion Editor

The football team is hopeful for the season and is inspired by a new coach, slogan and leadership from the captains.

Head football coach and intervention specialist James Boyeas took his position in January. Boyeas explained how he has changed things for the team this year.

“We implemented a difficult off-season program dedicated to player development and changing the culture and expectations of the football program,” Boyeas said.

The team practices Monday through Thursday until 5:45 and also practices Saturday mornings. Boyeas explained what the team does at practice and how that translates to what the team does on Friday nights.

“We watch film, install, and practice five days a week. We stress effort and enthusiasm at our practices and promote winning behavior. In regards to drills, we diligently work on our techniques, we focus on making sure what we do in practice directly translates to winning on Friday nights, and we spend significant time on all three phases of the game (Special Teams, Defense, and Offense)” Boyeas said.

Boyeas additionally touched on the mentality of the team and their expectations, as well as how the team intends to play football.

“Our mentality is that we expect to win.  As a team, our expectations are through the roof. We intend to play disciplined, sound football, utilizing the techniques that are taught, and we intend to do that with more emotion and effort than any of our opponents,” Boyeas said.

Senior running back and captain Matt Buser explained what the new team slogan “seven strong” means.

“Our new coach brought his slogan seven strong, which represents the seven different position groups on the team,” Buser said.

Buser talked about what the team has worked on improving over the course of the preseason and into the season.

“We have worked on improving overall strength and agility, as well as mental toughness,” Buser said.

Senior punter and tight end Matt Grayem explained how captains were picked this year and how the leadership on the team is different this year than in years past.

“The leadership is stronger than it has been before. This year we’ve done traditional captains where everyone on the team votes for them and we haven’t done that in awhile. Captains just rotated between seniors,” Grayem said.

Along with seven strong Boyeas has a new motto for the team. Grayem explained the motto.

“Coach Boyeas has a motto that we are going to be faster, more physical and better prepared than anyone on our schedule,” Grayem said.

Grayem mentioned that Boyeas has stressed special teams this year and the team has focused on it more this year than in the past.

“We work special teams a lot more than we have in the past. In the past special teams has always been the last phase of the game, that no one cares about-, but this year coach Boyeas stresses that if you can’t play on special teams you can’t play on offense or defense,” Grayem said.

Seniors on the team include Carter Boggs, Mason Boone, Parker Boone, Will Bowe, Matt Buser, Ethan Depp, Kyle Ferrara, Matt Grayem, Logan Hennigin, Bryce Holt, Ben Jones, Braydon Patena, Sean Leyden, Brian Leuhsler, Garrett Read, Nate Schapel, Adam Tabbaa, Jake Tisdale and Sam Webster.