Revere swim team welcomes new coach

Emma Boltz, Continuity Editor

Revere High School’s swim team welcomes a new swim coach to strengthen swimmers’ endurance and create training programs for the athletes.

In early October the school district hired a new swim coach, Lianna Dauberman.  The swim team began their work with her on November 3.  Dauberman attended Revere High School and won a Varsity letter all four years for swimming.  After swimming for one year at Baldwin Wallace University, she transferred to The University of Akron to create the Akron Swim Club (ASC).  She also helped coach swim at Revere from 2009 to 2012.  Dauberman coached swim at Springfield High School from 2014 to 2017.  After marrying and relocating to Northeast Ohio she subbed long term at Hillcrest from August until the end of October, and she will begin her seventh year coaching this season.

Dauberman explained the characteristics that make her a good coach.

“My passion to help students reach their potential and the belief that all students can learn to swim competitively with hard work and dedication makes me a good coach–along with my knowledge and experience in swimming,” Dauberman said.

Dauberman also commented on her training plans for the season; she will focus on intensifying team workouts and helping athletes with specific skills.

She said that for the swimmers to reach their best performance, she must emphasize winter break practices, as this is the most important part of the season training-wise.  Dauberman also said that she likes to individualize training as much as possible, working with specific groups, but her main goal is to build strength and endurance in practices.

Athletic Director Tom McKinnon talked about why the school hired Dauberman to be the coach over other candidates.

“She has experience as a coach; we looked at her organizational skills, how she would expand the program, and we really liked the way she looked at swim and overall high school athletics.  She has all the qualities we were looking for in a coach,” McKinnon said.

Senior Alec Johnson, a swimmer for ten years, gave his first impressions of his new coach.

“She seems very on top of her job. She hasn’t waited at all to give us a rough calendar for the season and get the team connected. She seems eager to develop the team and become part of it,” Johnson said.

Johnson also spoke on ways Dauberman will improve the team this season, commenting on her cooperation with the team.

“Her Revere background will help her quickly become a part of our team. Being part of the team instead of over the team, she could have a very strong drive to push us. She is in a position to work us very hard and make us successful. Also, having a Revere grad as a coach could really boost team dynamics and make for a happy season. I have high hopes for the team this year,” Johnson said.

The team had their first official meet on November 29 at Barberton High School.