Men’s soccer team earns highest GPA in Ohio

Conor Head, Staff Reporter

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The Revere High School mens’ soccer team has the highest cumulative GPA scores in Ohio, and they have ranked academically as fortieth in the nation.

Head coach of the mens’ soccer team and guidance counselor Nick DePompei discussed his reaction to the news of the team’s accomplishments in academics.

“I was very excited because that is where [students] are going to make their money someday. 99% of them are not going to make a career out of soccer, so it is much more important that they are students before they are athletes,” DePompei said.

DePompei also explained his belief that academics always come before athletics.

“I preached to them that it’s an atmosphere of academics first. We have been able to do more on the field because of what they are doing in the classroom. It helps them understand the game better; these kids are switched on because of their academic abilities,” DePompei said.

With a past history of success on the soccer field and in the classroom, DePompei mentioned the difference between this year’s team and last year’s team.

“Last year we graduated only three seniors who were academically strong. I think when you have a large group [of guys in the same grade] who are all friends and have all grown up together, usually their attitudes towards things, their priorities are contagious and motivate each other to be the best they can be,” DePompei said.

Senior captain John Sternasty discussed how he maintains a balance of academics and soccer.

“It’s definitely hard sometimes especially when we are gone until 10 o’clock at night for away games. There is studying on the buses, and there [are] tons of kids who have taken the class you’re in now that can help you understand the material. [Also many] of us take the same classes so we can study with each other,” Sternasty said.

Sternasty explains that he usually has two to three hours of free time per night. His favorite class is AP Biology.

Senior captain Daniel Branch talked about how he reacted to the news of winning the award.

“I was very happy. It feels good [to know] that we’re on a team of guys that have their heads on straight,” Branch said.

DePompei talked about how the players received an award for achieving a high GPA and what it meant for those kids to earn the award.

“It’s a great honor for those students as they finish high school. It shows colleges that they are able to manage athletics along with success in the classroom,” DePompei said.

There were eight players on the team that received an award from OHSAA for having a GPA higher than a 3.7.

The team finished the season with a 15-2-2 record.