Yesterday delivers educating, entertaining story on impact of The Beatles

Maggy Messner, Staff Reporter

Filled with classic Beatles songs, the movie Yesterday will leave you humming the catchy tunes all week. In a world where no one seems to remember one of the biggest and most influential bands of all time, a young struggling singer works endlessly to share the classic songs with the world while maintaining important relationships, and battling the struggles of fame. Although the 2019 film is rated PG-13, the relatable romantic comedy is fun to watch for all Beatles fans no matter the age. 

Himesh Patel stars as protagonist singer Jack Malik. After getting into a serious bike crash, Jack wakes up in a world where no one seems to remember The Beatles. At first, Jack thinks his best friend Ellie, played by Lily James, is fooling him, but after a quick google search and a midnight jog in the pouring rain to her house, Jack realizes that his friend is telling the truth. 

Unsure of what to do and struggling with the morality of claiming the Beatles songs as his own, the singer records some of the most famous classics and hands them off to listeners. As his songs promptly gain recognition, singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran invites him to tour with him, gaining popularity quickly. As Jack becomes one of the most notorious and famous celebrities, similar to the legend of The Beatles, he learns what fame means and how it is like a double-edged sword.

The film does a good job of highlighting the amazing Beatles songs and the influence that the famous band has on people today. While illustrating the history of the band and how hard it is to gain popularity, the movie also shows a more personal story of a young man working hard to be with the one he loves, even if it means ending his career. Incorporating a more personal side makes the movie easy for viewers to empathize with. Although the movie seamlessly incorporates many individual plots, sometimes it can be confusing for the viewers to understand exactly what is happening.

Overall, Yesterday is a great movie that is educating and entertaining. Although at some points the plot may be confusing, it generally creates an environment in which viewers empathize with the protagonist, Jack. Yesterday is an excellent film that does a great job portraying the effect The Beatles have on today’s world and is suitable for most viewers.