Late entry to building causing differing opinions

Lux DeMoss, News Editor, Opinion Editor

Students at Revere High School cannot enter the building until 7:10 A.M. This rule started during the 2018-2019 school year to assist with safety and the concerns of students being unsupervised in the morning.

In previous years students could enter the school at a set time before school started. This provided ample time for students to prepare for class, but students were also unsupervised.

Students could meet with teachers when they were avaliable or go see if the teacher was present, in other years. Now students can meet with teachers if they set up a specific time and date. The rule has not presented many problems now because students can do all of the things they did in the past, they just have less time.

School shootings have become more prevalent recently and concern all schools. Entering the school at a later time, so that students are supervised, helps to keep students safe, but also presents a problem: some students cannot arrive to school at that time and have to wait outside.

Will the safety of the high school improve in the future due to this rule?

The rule helps to keep students safe and while it does not ensure total safety, it provides a start.