A thank you to the Lantern seniors

A thank you to the Lantern seniors

Julia Randall, Managing Editor

I think that this is supposed to be the column where I tell you all about how excited or nervous or scared I am for the future, how unsure I am of what is to come but how if I put my mind to it I will be successful. The column in which I question whether or not I am ready to tackle the real world. That is that column I anticipated writing all year, at least, but I am not going to do that. Instead, I want to take this half page or so to reflect upon the time spent in Lantern with my fellow seniors and thank them for a fun and memorable year.

I would not say that Revere is extremely clique-y, but we are teenagers in high school. We are bound to break off into our separate groups, however cliché it is, that is the truth. We know everybody’s names, but it is not like we go around saying hi to absolutely everyone in the hallways or making plans together on the weekends. That is okay, though; I would not say that my high school experience was lacking because of it. We all get along just fine, for the most part.

Then I come to Lantern.

We had eighteen seniors in Lantern this year, and for a lot of us, we never really had classes together or a chance to interact. We were all from different groups and cliques, but in Lantern, we just kind of melted all together, and dare I say it, became pretty good friends, or at least better than when we walked into room 212 on the first day of school.

Despite what we might have said, I think we all enjoyed coming to Lantern — maybe not every day but definitely four out of five days of the week. From playing cards to discussing our latest Netflix binges, from “studying” for physics to forming a fun circle in the back of the room and talking for the whole period, the seniors in Lantern not only brightened my day but made my year. We joked around, we helped each other with school work and life problems, we fought over the design of our Lantern sweatshirts that never happened, and we listened to Kurt’s passionate views on politics. I will always remember this Lantern class and the seniors that made it so special. Thank you guys, it has been real.