Revere cheerleaders compete at state competition in Columbus

Chloe Grimm, Staff Reporter

The Revere Cheerleading Competition Squad went to the State Championship Competition and placed 11th out of the 25 schools in their division. 

The Revere Cheerleading Squad consists of ten cheerleaders this year, including two senior co-captains, Maria Bucci and Chase Heijnen. Both seniors have cheered since elementary school, and both went to the state competition this year and the past two. This year, the state competition took place at the St. John Arena at the Ohio State University on March first. Heijnen explained her experience going to the competition. 

“You have to qualify in order to go to states. While I have been on the team we have been lucky enough to qualify every year except my freshman year. [This year] we placed eleventh despite placing seventh and eighth one and two years prior,” Heijnen said.

Although the team did not reach their goal of top ten, varsity cheerleading coach and the cheerleading adviser, Kelly Staats explained that this year that the state made changes that could have made the competition harder.

“The girls were a little disappointed, but there was a big transition in states this year, we had a new director, new guidelines put in place, and different things placed in the divisions, so that’s why I think we didn’t place in the top 10,” Staats said. 

The day of the state competition can be stressful, so to prepare, the Revere Cheerleading Squad this year went to Columbus the day before the competition. Bucci explained what they did.

“It is stressful the day we compete but we always go down a day earlier to shop and bond as a team,” Bucci said.

To qualify for the state competition the team must make it through regionals. Staats explained what they expect from teams to enter qualifications for States.

“We go and perform our routine in front of a panel of judges. They judge our routine, they pick a rubric and they decide whether our routine is good enough, efficient enough, and has a high enough skill set to qualify for the state championship. We made it through our regionals,” Staats said.