Spring teams compete at Myrtle Beach

Michael McKee, Associate Editor

The Revere baseball and softball programs traveled to Myrtle Beach to play against other teams to gain practice and experience for their upcoming seasons.

The Revere baseball team and softball team travel to Myrtle Beach annually to compete in several games and practices. Baseball team head coach Jason Cottrell commented on the significance of traveling to Myrtle Beach.

“Myrtle Beach is significant because it provides the opportunity for the team to get outside to practice and play games in a usually warmer climate. It provides myself and the other coaches an opportunity to evaluate players so we can determine our best lineup for when we return for league games and tournament preparation,” Cottrell said.

Many hours of preparation and fundraising go into the funding of the trip. Senior captain Matthew Buser believes an important part of the trip is to establish team bonding and to prepare the team for the season. Buser comments on why the seniority on the team this year is so important.

“I think it’s really important because last year we had some really strong seniors and really strong leaders that helped us win the district championship, and I think following their footsteps and leading the team is really important especially because we have a super young team; so I think it’s important that the seniors step up this year,” Buser said.

The softball program does not have any seniors on the team this year, so the juniors on the team have had to become leaders for the team. Junior leader on the softball team Courtenay Amentini is a catcher and plays outfield. Amentini noted how the trip benefits the team and what leadership on the team is like this year.

“[The trip] brings us closer as a team and helps us prepare for our season. We have strong leadership with all four juniors, [and] we make sure to communicate with the whole team,” Amentini said.

Junior leader Lauren Skidmore, a catcher for the team, plays third base and outfield as well. Skidmore commented on why the Myrtle Beach trip is important to the team and how it benefits team bonding.

“Myrtle Beach is important to the team because it creates a team bond and gets us ready to play games when we get back. We all got to know each other [better] and learned how to play as a team,” Skidmore said.

The softball team ended their trip to Myrtle Beach with a record of 3-3. The baseball team completed their trip to Myrtle Beach with a record of 5-1. The seniors for the baseball team this year include Matt Buser, Drake Donich, Carter Greulich, Bryce Holt, Jake Land, Karl Land and Nic Perrott.