Boys tennis team wins league conference

Michael McKee, Associate Editor

The men’s tennis team recently won the Suburban League title for the second year in a row with strong junior and senior leadership.

The men’s tennis team has been training in the off-season with Sculpt fitness to maximize their performance this season. Head coach Paul Fisher commented on how the training has benefitted them this season and what the senior class is like this year.

“We’ve been training with Logan at Sculpt fitness in the off-season which has really helped our team. We’ve got a really strong senior class so I’m looking forward to those guys finishing up their season with a successful season,” Fisher said.

The Varsity team has a total of seven players this year, five of whom are seniors. Senior captain Karl Godard explained what he is looking forward to most for this season and how this season is different from others.

“This year is very different for me, personally, because it is my senior year. As a team, we have five seniors total on varsity this year, so we really have the desire to go out with a bang,” Godard said.

Varsity captain Esa Malik, a junior on the team, was voted as a captain for this season. Malik describes his goals for the team this year and what he is looking forward to most in the season.

“I hope for the team to win the Suburban League for the second year in a row and for my doubles partner Ben Lazbin and I [to] get to States. [I’m looking forward to] a great season of tennis with good friends and teammates,” Malik said.

The boys face North Canton Hoover High School May 1 for senior night. Seniors on the team include Karl Godard, Raj Kumar, Ram Kumar, Kyle Shin and Will Sun.