Browns should give Kareem Hunt second chance

Browns should give Kareem Hunt second chance

Mikey Kahoe, Sports Editor

The Cleveland Browns picked up twenty-three year old running back Kareem Hunt on February 11. Hunt’s past makes this a very controversial move. On February 10, 2018, Hunt was seen shoving and kicking a woman at a hotel in Cleveland. According to USA Today, both the NFL and the Kansas City Chiefs, Hunt’s team at the time, knew about the incident, but no action was taken until the video surfaced later that year. Following the release of the video the Chiefs released Hunt, and he is currently on the commissioner’s exempt list. Players on this list are not allowed to practice or attend games.

Hunt should be punished for his actions. His act of violence against this woman is inexcusable; however, banning him from the league permanently is not the most effective punishment. An NFL team with the right group of coaches and players could give Hunt the atmosphere he needs to change.

The Browns have been in situations like this before with Antonio Callaway. The team drafted Callaway in the fourth round of the 2018 NFL draft. Callaway had previously been charged with felony credit card fraud and has been involved in multiple marijuana incidents at the University of Florida. At the 2018 NFL combine Callaway submitted a diluted urine sample. During training camp Callaway was cited with drug possession for driving with marijuana under his drivers seat. Following the incident, Callaway was forced to play without rest for a majority of the Browns preseason opener against the New York giants. Since then, there have been no issues with callaways conduct off the field. Drug possession and assaulting women are not the same thing, but if the Browns could rehabilitate Callaway, it is possible they could do the same with Hunt.

In some situations, players with domestic violence issues should not be allowed to stay in the league. Hunt apologized in December during an ESPN interview and shown signs of regret; because of this, he does not fall into that category. According to the Washington Post, sources within the league believe he will accept any suspension without appeal.

As terrible as Hunt’s actions may have been, he should not be banned from the NFL until he has been given a second chance to focus on the game and avoid violence off of the field.