Swim team overcomes many obstacles


Kurt Benedict, Online Editor

The swim team welcomed new members to the team this year while dealing with a change in coaching staff over the course of the season.

Head swim coach Chris Morris commented on the team’s performance this year, and said that he didn’t make any major changes to the program, but noted that he was impressed with the team’s performance this year.

“I didn’t make too many changes this year. I pretty much just took what I thought worked the best during the four years I was on the team and implemented that. My main goal was to ensure the kids on the team continued to improve despite not having the best start to the season. I also was really focused on bringing the team closer together. Swimming is set up as a team sport but it’s mostly individual so it’s important that the team is still there for each other when they need to be,” Morris said.

Morris commented on the performance of swimmers new to the team this year and how they have improved since the beginning of the season.

“We had new swimmers of all kinds this year. For Seniors Cam Crouse and Nick Dye this was their first year swimming and I was really impressed with how they were able to just come in with no experience and be part of the team. We also had several freshmen this year and all of them have done great. Flynn Cowie and Olivia Papouras, both only freshmen have their eyes set on Sectionals,” Morris said.

Morris also commented on the team’s performance this year.

“Our team did not do as well in the suburban league this year as we typically do but that does not reflect the achievements the team has made. All swimmers have dropped significant time in their events this season and several have their eyes set on the districts and states competitions. I couldn’t be happier with how they’ve performed,” Morris said.

Morris also said that having multiple people helping out with coaching also helped the team this year.

“We had several people helping with practice this year outside of the actual coaches and I think this really helped the team. We were able to see which coaching techniques worked and combine our knowledge to make the best practices possible,” Morris said.

Men’s swimming team captain James Modlik said that his first impressions of the team this year were positive.

“We have a lot of new swimmers this year that are very good and contribute to the team well,” Modlik said.

Modlik also commented on the team’s performance this year.

“We have a lot of freshmen that are very good and I hope that they will continue to carry the team in the years to come,” Modlik said.

The swim team completed their regular season at the district tournament at Cleveland State Univesity on February 15.