Track teams stay strong in bad weather

Lux DeMoss, Staff Reporter

The women’s and men’s track teams have faced treacherous weather this season, but that has not stopped the teams from competing.

Rorabaugh discussed how the team has placed at the invitationals they have participated in.

“We took second in the Bay Invitational, first in the Crestwood Invitational, and we are looking to place in the top two this Friday at the Marlington Relays,” Rorabaugh said.

Rorabaugh also discussed the biggest challenge that the team faces.

“The biggest obstacles is dealing with our injuries; it is a short demanding season and the girls put a lot of stress on their bodies, and keeping them healthy can be a challenge,” Rorabaugh said.

Senior Angie Mills, who has been running track for four years, talked about how the team has been doing this season.

“This season we have been doing very well as a team. We won the Crestwood invitational and have been successful all around in meets and in all events. The field events have been doing really well and winning a lot, as well as our relay teams,” Mills said.

Mills also discussed what the hardest part of track is for her and how she overcomes that obstacle.

“The hardest part is the mental aspect because it’s easy to just blow off workouts and not give 100% at practice but we have to make the conscious decision to try as hard as we can everyday,” Mills said.

Mills mentioned team goal  this season and why winning is not the most important part of track.

“This season we hope to be successful all around as a team and have a lot of personal growth. Track is a really cool sport because winning isn’t always the most important thing. Sometimes you lose but maybe you ran, jumped, or threw your personal best and that’s a really rewarding thing,” Mills said.

Senior Conor Head, who broke the the shot put record measuring 53’6.5, mentioned how the men’s track team has been doing this season and why the team has been struggling this year more than others.

“We’ve been struggling, but we have a pretty young team this year and we’re trying to get the new guys to come around yet,” Head said.

Head also discussed how the team has fared since the loss of the seniors and how it has affected the team.

“A lot of the seniors were huge scorers for us last year and we have some pretty big shoes to fill with this new team,” Head said.

Senior Ian Weiland agreed with Head and mentioned the biggest obstacle the team faces, in his opinion.

“Having a very young team is our biggest obstacle this season,” Weiland said.

Head girls track coach Kory Rorabaugh mentioned how long she has been the women’s track coach for and how she became the coach.

“I have been the women’s high school track coach for 4 years and I decided to take over when Coach Cistone was ready to step down as the head coach. I was the middle school girls track coach prior to this,” Rorabaugh said.

The women’s track team has a record of 1-3  and placed 1st in the Bay Rocket Invitational and the Crestwood Invitational this season. The men’s track team has a record of 1-3.