Wrestling team builds on success


Photo by Hannah Weisburn

Freshman Zayne Lehman attempts to take down a copley opponent.

Hannah Weisburn, Design Editor

Revere High School’s wrestling team builds on their successful season as individuals continue to earn “Most Outstanding Wrestler” titles and leave tournaments undefeated.

RHS math teacher and head varsity wrestling coach Dan Mosher explained that the season has gone well so far. Overall, the team is 13-5 in dual meet competition and 3-1 in the Suburban League (American Division). In the most recent meets, Revere took 6 out of 34 teams at the North Coast Classic at Independence, 1 out of 14 at Maple Heights, and won 5-0 at the Woodridge Duals. Mosher further elaborated on how he plans on helping the team maintain their streak of success.

“We are going to keep pushing the wrestlers in practice to be more physical and aggressive when they wrestle, which will translate into more victories. The second half of our schedule is very tough and will test each wrestler’s physical and mental abilities.  We will do our best to keep the wrestler engaged in the practice process so that they are in the right state of mind to do their best wrestling at the end of the season,” Mosher said.

Senior team captain Stefan Farian, who holds a record of 26-2, earned the title “Most Outstanding Wrestler” at both Maple Heights and Woodridge. This means that he either pinned or tech falled— ending the match when a wrestler is up by 15 points— all of his opponents. Even though this is a big accomplishment, Farian explained how he wants to continue to improve and strives to be better.

“I don’t want to be satisfied because my main goal is to place at states. First, I have to make it to the state tournament. Last year I fell short of that goal in the match to go,” Farian said.

Jack Baker, also a senior team captain, shares a similar goal as Farian as he hopes to make it to the state tournament. He remains hopeful for upcoming years, as there are a lot of freshmen on the starting line up. Baker further elaborated how, as a captain, he helps the team.

“I work to help the coaches by recording weights after practice and setting a good example for the younger wrestlers. I also run the warm-up drills along with my fellow captains, [Farian] and Ian [Weiland],” Baker said.

The team’s current record is 13-5. The wrestlers’ next home meet on Saturday, January 27 at the Revere Minutemen Duals.

Photo by Hannah Weisburn
Senior Weiland is one of the three captains of the team.
Photo by Hannah Weisburn
Freshman Zayne Lehman attempts to take down a copley opponent.