Men’s basketball team beats rival Copley

Michael McKee, Sports Editor, Culture Editor

The men’s basketball team feels hopeful for the rest of the season after beating Copley for the first time in five years.

The men’s basketball team played their rivals on December 19 and had a 61-56  victory. Head coach and Physical Education teacher Dean Rahas described what this kind of victory means to the team and how it has helped them so far in the season.

“[The Revere vs. Copley game] was a big win that has allowed us to win several more games,” Rahas said.

Rahas is looking forward to the rest of the season and hopes to outwork the rest of the competition to ensure many more victories in the future. Sophomore Hunter Drenth, a power forward on the team, describes how the team played against Copley.

“We played very strong against Copley. They are a fast team and shoot a lot of threes. We pushed them off the three point line and forced them to drive into Pete Nance. Also we were using our size to dominate them in the paint and on the boards.,” Drenth said.

Drenth also described what this victory has meant to the team and how it has motivated the team in the last few games.

“This win started us on our ongoing six game win streak. It gave us some confidence on destroying Copley’s 27 game win streak in the league. After this win, we started to play a whole other way and have been unstoppable, like us taking down undefeated Holy Name,” Drenth said.

Senior Pete Nance described how the game went and what it means to the team to get the victory.

“I think we played great as a team, everyone shared the ball and really came together as brothers that night and got a great win. [The win] meant everything . . . a lot of us have never beat Copley in all of our years of playing, and to get that win this year was huge for our confidence,” Nance said.

The team is currently 6-4 and their next game is away on January 30 against Copley High School for the “Gold Ball Trophy.”