Revere athletics enters uniform contract with BSN Sports

Mark Yankovitz, Staff Reporter

The Revere Athletic Department has signed a contract with BSN Sports to provide Nike uniforms and equipment for its teams.

The contract spans five years and provides the athletic department with $8,000 annually. The money equips multiple teams with new uniforms and equipment. By the end of the fifth year, every team in Revere High School will have new uniforms from Nike. Overall, the contract alleviates costs for Revere Athletics and represents a step forward for the program. Tom McKinnon, athletic director for Revere Local Schools, spoke about how the school will benefit from assigning new uniforms to all teams.

According to McKinnon, the department gets an “additional discount from Nike” any time a Revere team replaces their previous uniforms with Nike uniforms. This allows the school to cycle three new teams through the program each year; women’s tennis, men’s cross country, and the football team received the first set of benefits from the program. The next set of benefits will include volleyball and women’s basketball.

The athletic department chose BSN Sports in particular because of the strong incentives tied to their program, as indicated by Revere superintendent Matthew Montgomery.

“The reason that BSN was so attractive was the advantages that we saw in terms of cost breakdown and incentives that went back into the athletic program,” Montgomery said.

Revere Football’s head coach Michael Murphey commented on the new uniforms for the team.

“[BSN Sports] was able to get us a full white set and a full red set [of uniforms]. . . . Our parents actually bought a full blue set as well, so our kids have 9 different combinations,” Murphey said.

The new contract also extends outside the teams. BSN Sports returns $6,000 back to the school when the athletic department spends over $100,000 in the span of a year, providing additional funding for new uniforms and equipment. Revere also gets 40% off all Nike clothing as well as 30% off retail price on all footwear and equipment, ultimately providing cheaper Revere apparel through the company.

“Even the students throughout Revere get benefits through   Nike-brand spirit wear,” McKinnon said. The discount applies to all spirit wear purchases through the online store for Revere Athletics, in addition to the uniform discounts.

The athletic department makes this possible by covering all of Revere Athletics rather than requiring individual teams to purchase their own uniforms. Murphey discussed the football team’s involvement.

“When [Revere Athletics] buys as an entire athletic department, there’s more purchasing power, as opposed to when football negotiates for their own uniforms,” Murphey said. This spreads the benefits to all the teams across Revere.

Montgomery cites the work that went into the deal and McKinnon’s efforts as principal reasons for the program’s success.

“McKinnon spent an extensive amount of time interviewing several different entities to determine which companies would offer the most incentives to the district, and that was a time-intensive process. . . . the athletic program, and more importantly the students, will benefit from the investment,” Montgomery said.

Students can purchase the new spirit wear at