Men’s soccer team remains hopeful for states

Lux DeMoss, Staff Reporter

The Revere High School men’s soccer team remains undefeated, with a record of 11-2-3  in their 2017 season, and ranks number one in their region.

Nick DePompei, counselor at Revere High school and Varsity soccer coach, talked about the previous success of the team and how he plans further success for the team’s future.

“Last year we finished second in the state, so we got to the state finals, that was a very fun thing to be a part of, but also a rough way to finish,” DePompei said.

He then explained what the team hopes to continue and their goals.

“We hope to continue to win this year and to win the state championship. That has kind of been the goal every year for this group, so it is a very high bar; there is not really much room for error, but we kind of thrive off of that,” DePompei said.

He talked about the contrast between soccer and other sports, “I think for a small school we have three teams

and three full pretty healthy numbers for three teams which is pretty rare to most other schools and then maybe some other sports here,” DePompei said.

DePompei also discussed techniques and training for the team.

“Honestly we have kind of just been, we have been doing the same thing, we do not have a set way of doing things and we do what is necessary for the group that we have,” DePompei said.

He also described the support for the team.

“I think the support has been good so far for regular season for soccer, sometimes it is not as big. I know it definitely does help the players when the fans are really into it and the stands are filled. I know they work hard to create an atmosphere of making it an exciting thing. They do really well and love having the support behind them and I know it pushes them, so it is a fun thing to have,” DePompei said.

Charlie Fink a senior captain and goalkeeper explained what it is like to be a senior captain and how soccer compares to other sports at Revere.

“I make sure everyone is doing what they are supposed to be doing, practice, pushing each other, and just getting our guys to do what they are supposed to,” Fink said.

Fink also talked about new players.

“We have a couple young guys who are stepping up to fill the spots of the seniors who left last year,” Fink Said.

Audric Wertz, a senior captain, talked about the team’s goal for this season.

“I would like to win the league this year, which we haven’t done in a while, and then go back to the state championship,” Wertz said.

The Minutemen faced Aurora at Nordonia High School at 7:00 pm on October 28.