Men’s golf team balances youth with experience

Kurt Benedict, Staff Reporter

The Revere High School men’s golf team started this season with a mix of veteran players and several players new to the Varsity team.

The head coach of the Varsity golf team, Jason Hance, said that the team includes three seniors and three sophomores, and that only one player is returning this year. Hance, who has coached the team for the last 4 years, said that this year’s team may face difficulties during matches.

“It might be hard [for them] to play well and be consistent,” Hance said.

Hance also said that the team’s goals for this season include winning the Suburban League championship and making it to districts. Hance discussed what he likes best about coaching.

“I like to see the improvement the kids make and the camaraderie they have in matches,” Hance said.

Senior Jon Dye said that for this season he wants to see the team win against Tallmadge.

“We’ve had close matches in the past and I look forward to competing against [Tallmadge] this year,” Dye said.

Dye also commented on what senior leadership for the team is like.

“We help lead by making important decisions such as what we want to practice and picking uniforms,” Dye said.

A new player at the Varsity level, sophomore Nick Dye commented on being on Varsity for the first time this year.

“I want to help out the team and try to get as many wins as possible,” Nick said.

Nick also commented on who he would like to see the team beat this season.

“I would like to beat Highland, because they are the best team in the league,” Nick said.

Nick also voiced on how he would improve from last year.

“I’m going out and practicing almost every day,” Nick said.

According to Hance, the team practices about two to three times every week at the Fairlawn Country Club. Hance also said that the team has matches about twice a week. Their record this season is 9-3.