Football team welcomes new coaches to Revere

Troy Pierson, Staff Reporter

The Revere High School football team has recently added three new coaches, hoping to help strengthen and train players for a successful season.

The team’s new coaches include the following individuals: John Aleric, John Daraio and Charles Saulter. Aleric is the offensive line coach, Dariao coaches the quarterbacks, and Saulter is both the running-backs coach and the offensive coordinator.

Aleric is a John Carroll University graduate and played as an all-conference offensive lineman for the John Carroll University Football team. He has coached for close to twenty years, including tennis at Willoughby South, basketball and track as well. Aleric’s main background is in strength and conditioning, and he has worked in the past with major league baseball teams such as the Cleveland Indians and the Texas Rangers.

“[Coaching] has played a large role in my life, it is all I have done since I got out of college. I started coaching in college, my first job out of college was an intern in the weightroom with the Cleveland Indians, and I worked with the Texas Rangers. . . . it’s part of who I am” Aleric said.

As an offensive line coach, Aleric believes the position of an offensive lineman requires a special skill set in order to play, and that players should have a sense of pride as they play. The new coach hopes to change the mindset of the offensive team in order for them to gain the self-esteem needed to make the players feel like an important part of the team.

John Daraio is currently finishing up his bachelor’s degree at the University of Akron; he has coached for three years at Rittman High School.

Charles Saulter is a University of Akron graduate, and played college football as well. This will be Saulter’s sixth season coaching; he has coached at Chippewa, Glenoak and Brush High School. He believes his coaches played a vital role in his life, with football helping him to get into college on scholarship.

“I try to give back to the game as much as possible, . . . I just love being out here with the kids each day and coaching them Friday nights,” Saulter said.

Saulter  believes this year’s team has the chance to compete in the playoffs, and has the faith the team and the staff can put together a good enough game plan to succeed.

RHS Guidance Counselor Mike Murphey, head coach for the Revere High School Varsity football team, believes the new coaches’ experiences are beneficial to the team, as each of the three new coaches have extensive backgrounds with coaching and football in their high school and college careers. For the Varsity team to perform well in the season, Murphey states the players should be durable, as well as healthy.

“[Football] is an emotional game that’s played and coached by emotional people. . . . I think the ability to connect with kids and get the most out of them is the most important,” Murphey said.

Clayton Langdon, running-back and linebacker for the Varsity team, enjoys the new coaches’ contributions to the team.

“The coaches add a lot of value to the team. . . . they are all young and energetic and bring new ways of coaching to the team. They all push us to be better as individuals,” Langdon said.

Langdon also enjoys the new approaches the coaches have brought this season, making practices harder and longer, which has improved the overall speed and strength of the team.

“This is the closest knit team I have ever seen at Revere. It makes me have a positive outlook on Revere High School athletics. I have never seen such positivity towards the football team,” Langdon said.

The Revere High School Varsity football team is currently 3-2. Seniors for the 2016 season include the following: Thomas Baker, Jared Baumgardner, Logan Bergh, Max Bowe, Harrison Bullock, Blake Cherryholmes, Zac Dresner, Matt Giltner, Jason Graber, AJ Hughes, Jake Kahoe, Isaiah Kelly, Nicholas Kelly, Clayton Langdon, Roberto Lebron, Cole McKee, Devin Olsafsky, Mason Owens, Brendon Patena, Nick Pengel, Caleb Perkins, Kyle Sense and Ben Sloan. The next game is home against Kent-Roosevelt High School on Friday, September 30.