Men’s soccer team continues tradition of winning

Nicky Gutierrez, Staff Reporter

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The Revere Men’s Soccer team has completed a strong regular season and is continuing their trek toward the state championship.

The Varsity Men’s Soccer team’s current record is 15-1-2. The team is now under the leadership of former assistant Varsity coach Nick DePompei, after former head coach Sandor Jakab resigned. DePompei commented on the direction the team has worked towards.

“We are looking to keep things going in the right direction. The framework is there and things have been well set up here, so we are just looking to step in. Three out of the four of us [coaches] have stayed with the program. We are trying to keep things as familiar as they were in years past because that is what [the players] are used to, and it has [been] proven to work,” DePompei said.

Senior captain John Sternasty has discussed the team’s goal of reaching the state championship. To achieve their goals, the team started to participate in two-a-days beginning in early August. Senior captain Noah Gresser explained that two-a-days consist of four hours of practice with a forty-five minute break in between sessions.

In addition to their fitness training and workouts over the summer, the team also competed in high-level tournaments. DePompei voiced that the team participated in and won both the Indiana Shamrock Tournament and the Strongsville Adidas National Showcase.

During the season the Varsity team has altered their practices. Gresser explained the team’s normal practice.

“[The first twenty minutes involves] stretching and dynamic stretching. Afterwards we get into drills with the coaches. We end with free kicks and we have to get the ball out [of the box]. If we do not get the ball out we have to do a sprint. [The exercise is] really focusing on defending free kicks and corners,” Gresser said.

Sternasty explained the captain selection process.

“The coaches leave [the election of captains] up to us. We nominate people and [they] go up and give a little speech. Then all the kids vote. It is all done by us. It is not the coaches picking, which is really nice because it shows [the] respect you get among your teammates,” Sternasty said.

Seniors on the team include Ben Berry, Daniel Branch, Jacob Brokloff, Drew Espinal, Gresser, Walker Keaton, Ian King, Simon Kirkendall, Stephen Kronenberger, Broderick Lewis, Pat Mehal, and Sternasty. The team’s captains are Branch, Gresser and Sternasty. The team played Orange in the district semifinals on Wednesday.