Seniors enlist in military


Aidan McKee and Rowan Klein

*The names of graduates who will be entering the armed services were provided to Lantern by the guidance office, as reported to them by the students themselves.  Thank you to Mr. DePompei, Mrs. Long, Mrs. Rion and Mrs. Reinhold for their help with this article.

*All listed students were contacted by Lantern to provide comments.  Comments from those students who responded are provided below.

Alana Neidlinger → Navy → Enlistee

Neidlinger decided to continue her family’s line of service by enlisting once she graduated high school. 

“ I do plan on enlisting, but not immediately. I’ll take some time after school off, because enlisting is a big commitment” Neidlinger said.

For Neidlinger the plan to enlist fell into place with her desire to serve and practice in the medical field.

“ I just knew that I had wanted to serve in some way like my great grandpa and great unce. and medicine was something that I could do anywhere. So if I enlisted I could do both. I see myself making a career out of being a Navy Corpsman, and they also have the best medical technology and education in the military” Neidlinger said.


Paige Kliskey → Navy → Enlistee

Kliskey comes from a long line of servicemen and women. This tradition influenced her own decision to serve her country, she explained this commitment.

“I decided to join the Navy because I enjoyed the stories that my grandfather told as a kid when he was in the marines. I always wanted to serve and protect my country just like he did,” Kliskey said.

    Following her time in the Navy Paige hopes to continue to serve her community. She explained her willingness to serve.

“I would love to work in EMS when I’m out of the service mainly because I would still like to continue to serve and protect the community. I also think that working in that kind of an environment would be a great transition back into civilian life.


Justin Hamel → Marine Corp → Enlistee