Senior holds fundraiser for burn victims

Bailey Boring, News Editor

Revere High School recently participated in Aluminum Cans for Burned Children, an aluminum can drive in efforts to support burn victims receiving care from the Akron Children’s Hospital Burn Center. 

Aluminum Cans for Burned Children helps victims pay for treatment that may not be covered by insurance. 

The Akron Children’s Hospital Burn Center specializes in burn care and treats many different types of burns, ranging from injuries such as third and second-degree burns, to chemical burns and other fire tragedy-related injuries. 

This is the first time Revere has participated in the can drive. Revere senior Stuart Klein brought Aluminum Cans for Burned Children to Revere.

Klein explained why he started up this fundraiser at Revere.

“In my English class, I had a project called ‘the Dollar Bill Project’ to get the most out of a singular dollar. . . I thought it was a good idea and a big impact for a dollar,” Klein said. 

The objective of the Dollar Bill Project was to find an impactful way to spend one dollar. Each student was to make a creative four minute presentation on what they chose to do with their dollar. 

Revere English teacher Joseph Susick explained how he felt about the impact Klein made from his Dollar Bill Project. 

“I feel great about it, obviously. . . The whole point of it [was to make an impact]. My main goal was to make sure the students examined the potential impact for each dollar because we have a tendency to waste money. I think everyone can admit to that sometime in their life,” Susick said.

This is the first year Susick has done the Dollar Bill Project for his students. He put forth his own investment by handing out a dollar to every student, and Klein chose to make a large impact with his dollar by 

Klein’s family connections helped lead him to initiate Aluminum Cans for Burned Children at Revere. 

“My mom works at Akron Children’s Hospital, and she is a big supporter of [the program],” Klein said. 

The fundraiser lasted throughout October. There were drop boxes in each class hallway, and the class that brought in the most cans was to be rewarded with donuts. The juniors won the contest, and the date of their reward donut party is to be determined.