Students celebrate through class council Senior Sunrise event


Bailey Boring

Seniors sit in front of the school to watch the sunrise.

Bailey Boring, News Editor

The Senior Sunrise was an event on October sixth where seniors watched the sunrise and ate breakfast with their friends. 

The Senior Sunrise served as an opportunity for seniors to spend time with their classmates outside of a classroom setting.

Senior class council Vice President Abby DiSalvo explained how class council helped plan senior sunrise. 

“We gave the administration a list of the food we wanted, and then at our last meeting, we talked with people about what activities they wanted to see,” DiSalvo said. 

Breakfast was provided. Principal Dr. Andy Peltz explained what was different with the food this year. 

“Last year, we just went for typical coffee and donuts. This year, we wanted to go with more of a theme. It [was] a little more fall-esque with more cider. . . the snacks and treats [were] a little more fall-related,” Peltz said. 

Along with the cider and fall treats, there were also games for seniors to enjoy such as spike ball, corn hole, and there were also frisbees. Many students played games with their friends. 

Senior class council President Merit Wagstaff explained how he felt about the event. 

“I know it [was] early. . . but it’s just one day of the year just to have fun with your senior classmates,” Wagstaff said. 

DiSalvo explained what she was looking forward to about attending Senior Sunrise. 

“I [thought] it [was] very fun just [spending] time with friends. Senior year goes by fast,” DiSalvo said. 

Peltz explained how Senior Sunrise was brought to Revere. 

“We wanted to come up with something a little special and start a new tradition, so Senior Sunrise is something we thought we could combine with our senior class meeting in October,” Peltz said. 

This is the second year Revere has held the event. Right after Senior Sunrise ended, seniors made their way into the auditorium for a class meeting, which touched base on ordering class rings, caps and gowns, internships and other general information pertaining to the senior class. 

Senior Sunrise was on a PLC Day to allow time for the class meeting. The original date of the event was changed from October fifth to October sixth due to Yom Kippur.