Revere committee hires company to install decorations

Revere High School forms a committee and hires a construction company to install Revere pride decorations in the hallways.

Rowan Klein, Reporter

A committee formed by Revere High School faculty and school administration has hired a construction company to install class and hallway decorations to help foster a sense of tradition and school pride.

Revere is adding new banners and art installations over the coming weeks as part of phase one of the district’s Vision of a Minuteman project. The committee is made of associate principal Doug Faris, counselor Elizabeth Long, social studies teacher Phil Heyn, and district treasurer Richard Berdine. The committee wants to emphasize school spirit and pride with these additions. They will be located in all parts of the schools and are being put up by CT Taylor construction company, who also worked on the new high school. 

This project is set to further Revere’s Vision of a Minuteman, a guiding set of principles that are supposed to apply to every member of the Revere community.

 Andy Peltz is the new principal at Revere High School and talked about Vision of A Minuteman, its goals, and its functions.

“Vision of A Minuteman tells us what to do instead of what not to do. It’s more of a guide and a way to self-reflect. It’s being a part of a bigger community, communicating truth, and having a connection to everything. We put #ReverePride in our tweets, well what does that pride look like? It’s Vision of a Minuteman,” Peltz said.

In regard to interruptions in the everyday school schedule, these were not a problem. At no point during the school day should students have to change their schedule or plans to adjust to the installations.

Additionally, each current and upcoming high school class will be getting its own banner until they graduate. These will be taken to events and used for other meetings. Most recently, these were used in the homecoming court pictures. The idea for the class banners in each common room came from Long. 

“Well, I think part of it is thinking back to my time here as a student. There was definitely a sense of class pride and class cohesiveness, and there are a couple of other things that we are going to try and bring back a little,” Long said. 

Faris said the committee took advice from the company School Pride. After the committee had decided on some designs, the owner, Daren Brown, came to the school to take design plans and give them to his own design team.

Student artwork may also be installed at some point on the walls, although that plan is not finalized yet. 

Long went into further detail regarding student artwork being put on the walls along with the spirit decorations.

“Some of the other components kind of tying into that vision of a Minuteman and what’s important for phase two is we’d like to move into a place where we can get some nice student artwork on some of the walls and really kind of bring that student piece into it, so this is kind of putting some of that school spirit in, but then we want to bring it alive little bit more with some very dedicated specific student work,”  Long said.

Faris and the committee have been planning for this project for over a year. 

“So the idea for the project started basically when the school was built. We knew that we would have to put some design features in there, and when we talked about it, we said that we would take basically all year to figure out what we wanted,” Faris said. 

In addition to these art pieces, there will be directional signs placed around the high school for the easily lost student and school visitors.

All of these installations will emphasize Revere and Revere’s school Pride, which as Peltz said, is also Revere’s Vision of a Minuteman. This project is only the start to the Vision of a Minuteman being implemented in Revere tradition and its legacy in the near future.