Revere High School brings back Minuteman Time

Natalie Morel, Reporter

Revere High School has brought back Minuteman Time this year, and students have a chance to participate in a club of their choice during the school day. 

Minuteman Time provides a chance for students to do something academic or extracurricular during the day. The students have about fifty different clubs and activities to choose from. They take place for about twenty minutes on approximately four Wednesdays a quarter. Minuteman Time previously took place in 2019, but stopped towards the end of that year and last school year, 2020-2021, because of COVID-19 restrictions. RHS principal Andrew Peltz  and Associate  Principal Doug Faris have decided to bring it back this year.

Faris explained why Minuteman Time was put in place. 

“Many of our staff wanted to do a student choice period where they could do some fun things with the kids,” Faris said.

Faris also talked about how he thinks it is a great way for the staff to connect with students.

“It gives our staff something to look forward to, to connect with kids and build relationships that they might not have been able to build,” said Faris. 

English teacher Sarah Pine, who runs a Dungeons and Dragons club during Minuteman Time, said that provides a way for her to show a different side of herself with her students. 

“It’s a great opportunity for the students to decompress, maybe get to do something they would not normally get to do at school and meet some people with shared interests,” Pine said. 

Pine also talked about the study halls and other academic things RHS was offering. 

“For students who chose to do something academic, they get a little bit of extra help with a particular subject or studying or test prep,” Pine said.   

Minuteman Time can also be an opportunity for students to help out in their community. Science teacher Hajna Batizy runs a knitting and crocheting club called Teeny Weeny Beanies for Preemies where students make beanies for premature babies in her classroom. 

“The students in this high school are such giving students,” Batizy said.  

Batizy explained why she created the club, saying that when she knits with her friends, they have so much fun, so it would be great for the students to do as well. Although they are having fun, it is a way for students to help other people. 

“It’s an opportunity for the students to give back,” Batizy said.