Revere girls softball wins district championship


Sydney McDonald

Revere Softball wins district championship.

Sydney McDonald, Assistant Feature Editor

The girls softball team won the District Championship on May 20th due to their hard work and dedication during the first full season after the COVID shutdown.

All of the girls softball players were not able to participate in the spring season last year due to COVID, but still found time during the summer season to familiarize themselves with the coaches and continue to improve their game. Varsity catcher Ashley Ellis explained what she did during the summer season. 

“My sister and I practiced softball together over quarantine. We still had a summer season and our coach came and watched us during that,” Ellis said. 

Varsity second basemen Abbie Gayner spoke about their season and their record in the league. 

“Our record was 15-4 and in the league we were 9-3,” Gayner said. 

Gayner cited the team’s improvement from freshman year to her junior year season. She felt she took on a leadership role during this season. 

“I’m like one of those leaders because I’m more comfortable and older now. The time off helps because I still played on my travel team and with our new coaches,” Gayner said. 

Gayner also mentioned how the year off motivated the team to work harder for the graduating seniors in their last season. 

“I think [the break] made all of us want to do better because we’ve had a year off and this is some of the seniors last year, so it’s like now or never,” Gayner said. 

The head coach of the Varsity girls softball team Joe Tagliarini cited the challenges that the COVID shutdown brought with this year’s season. 

“We lost last year with COVID, and we only had two and a half weeks worth of practice, ” Tagliarini said.

Throughout the season, Tagliarini had to get to know the girls and conduct their practices safely towards the goal of the Suburban League.

“It’s been a lot of minor challenges, but we’re all working towards the same kind of goal. The unknown of everything, whether we were going to get shut down or not, so we focused on what we can control and manage one day at a time,” Tagliarini said. 

The team’s collective synergy and willingness to improve during the season led to the team’s success as the season ended. 

“We’ve won eleven games in a row . . . I think our girls have gotten a lot of joy out of that, right now, we are enjoying ourselves. Top seed in our district, we’re just trying to ride this magical ride as long as we can,” Tagliarini said. 

Since this, the Varsity Girls Softball team won the District Championship and are moving on to the West Branch on Wednesday, May 26. The match will take place at 5pm at the Firestone Stadium in Akron in the regional semi-finals. Tagliarini finally wants to credit his “co-coaches” in helping him to lead this softball team to success. 

“I have a wonderful staff. I call them co-coaches: Cassie Stanton, Tony and Ingram, Tony runs our JV program. We’re all working towards allowing our kids every opportunity we can. They’re not just good coaches, but good human beings that really care about the student athletes that we have the opportunity to work with,” Tagliarini said.