Seniors Participate in Internship Program

Senior class of 2021 have the opportunity to end school early and join an internship to learn about a future career

Bailey Boring, Assistant News Editor

Revere High School will be starting an internship program for the seniors to learn about potential future jobs and career choices. 

Guidance counselor Emily Rion explained this new program.

“Having this internship experience will help them be able to have a better idea and understanding of what that job is actually like,” Rion said. 

Students participating in the internship program get to pick where they would like to have an internship based on their area of interest. 93 seniors will be taking part in the internship program this year. Some seniors who will be participating in this program will be working with family members, while others will be in a completely new environment. 

Principal Phil King explained how this program is beneficial to students. 

“[This program can help] make a connection with somebody that might already be in the industry that they’re interested in,” King said. 

Interning can help students gain work experience and get a better understanding of that field. 

Internship participant Emerson Egleston spoke about her experiences so far.

“I really like it a lot, because it shows you what a professional workplace environment is really like,”  Egleston said. 

Egleston is interning at Waldheger Coyne Law Firm in Cleveland. So far, she has participated in various tasks at the law firm and she has also gone to a live court session. 

The program takes place from May 17 to June 4. These seniors end classes three weeks early on May 14 to start their internship experiences. Participating students need to have done twenty to forty internship work hours, depending on if the student is involved in something that would require their hours to be reduced (CVCC, conflicting AP exam, etc.). 

At the end of their internship, participating seniors will make a five-minute presentation about their three-week job shadow experience to share with staff. 

Jeffery Dallas Revere High School business education teacher and partner to Rion explained a bit about the presentation. 

“They’re going to present to staff members, the principals, [and] board members,” Dallas said. 

Rion spoke about her hopes for the future of this program. 

“I am very excited that our seniors have this opportunity. . . I hope this program takes off and that we can keep providing these great experiences,” Rion said.