Teen Institute host semi-annual mock crash

Maria Silvidi, Art editor

Revere High School displays their semi-annual Mock Crash for the seniors and juniors to show the dangers of reckless driving during prom season. 

The Mock Crash is a live production, showing what happens when teens get into a reckless driving accident. Teen Institute runs the event with the help of  local firefighters and police. 

Co-president of Teen Institute Alecia Kunka explained why Revere holds the mock crash at the high school.

“This is a real-life incident, something that can really happen. We want that in their heads so [students] don’t drink and drive,” Kunka said. 

There are many different roles involved in Mock Crash, including victims, attorneys, judges, parents and a narrator. Kunka explained how these actors are chosen.

“Mrs. Simonelli, who is the coordinator of  Teen Institute, talks around with seniors to find people who want to be in it. For judges and attorneys, we get people from the community,” Kunka said. 

The actors then get a general script for how scenes are going to be played out. They do not have rehearsals, just time to think about their character and what is fitting for that scene.

“There is a part where a mom comes in and just starts screaming because her child has died. That’s pretty much coming from the heart,” Kunka said. 

 District SRO Scott Dressler plays the role as the narrator in the Mock Crash along with directing the other policemen during the event. 

Dressler went into detail about his first time seeing a Mock Crash.

“Years ago when I was a patrolman, I was able to be a bystander and do traffic control during one of the mock crashes. I thought it was a very . . . touching feeling to see how these kids reacted to another senior out there crying because he just hit and killed somebody,” Dressler said.

One reason the mock crash looks as realistic as it does is because they use damaged cars as if the students had gotten into a car accident. 

Dressler explained how they find the cars to use during the Mock Crash.

“Either the fire department or the police department will call one of our local tow companies and ask them to tow up two cars that have been in a major accident,” Dressler said.

Dressler spoke about how many different arrangements were made due to COVID and other opportunities that were given to seniors. 

“Usually we do juniors and seniors, and the original plan was to only do seniors, but now this year since ninety of the seniors are going to be out with internships, we have enough room to do the juniors [as well],” Dressler said. 

MariaAn actor for the Mock Crash this year, Senior Ian Matias, explained why he decided to participate.

“I have not acted in a very long time and this felt like the perfect opportunity for me to get a little bit of acting in before I left high school,” Matias said. 

Matias described his favorite part about participating in the Mock Crash.

“[My favorite part about being an actor in the Mock Crash is]the fact that I get to help somebody that may try [to] do something stupid [and] to think about what they are doing,” Matias said. 

The Mock Crash will take place May 28th outside of the high school.