RHS reinstates Professional Learning time for staff


Bailey Boring

PLC day schedule for January, 2021.

Bailey Boring, Assistant News Editor

Revere High School is reinstating PLC days, or Profession Learning Community days, for increased staff development, which will delay the start of school for students two days per month. 

PLC days began last year, but were not taking place at the start of this school year due to the  COVID-19 pandemic. 

On PLC days, teachers have set time for professional development, where they can hold meetings and plan. Due to this, students start school one hour later. 

Dr. Matthew Montgomery, the superintendent of Revere Local Schools, explained the initial purpose of PLC days. 

“The original idea was so you [students] can allow for groups to meet, have make-ups [assessments], and run professional development for teachers . . .  They were widely successful last year,” Montgomery said. 

PLC days worked out very well for both staff and students for those reasons. 

Revere High School Principal Phillip King explained why RHS has decided to continue PLC days this school year. 

“The middle school has ‘Team Time’ put into their schedules, so every day, the teachers meet for approximately 42 minutes. We don’t have that luxury here at the high school. So twice a month, we are having one-hour delays,” King said. 

Students have delayed start, because PLC takes place in the morning. 

Revere High School Associate Principal Doug Faris explained why he thinks reinstating PLC days will benefit Revere. 

“The teachers will have time to plan . . . because during the day, they don’t have the same planning periods,” Faris said.

Some PLC days, teachers have time to plan on a department-wide level, and others it is building-wide planning. 

Revere High School’s staff is using the book, Elements of Learning, to learn how to critically evaluate lessons, based on use of teamwork and real world applications. 

Students who cannot come late on a PLC day may wait in the gym or cafeteria until 8:30.