Revere Mock Trial Team competes at State Competition


Lily Oelschlager

A sign hangs congratulating Team Justice on their qualification.

Lily Oelschlager, Assistant Sports Editor and Assistant Art Editor

Revere Mock Trial’s Team Justice advanced all the way to the Ohio state finals, which took place virtually in March. 

Including Team Justice, the Revere mock trial program has three teams. The Team Justice lineup included Sanchita Chandran, Akshay Elango, Jackson Campbell, Meredith Stein, Sean Berrodin, Scott “Alex” Summerville, Camden Schmidt, Manager Anthony Torma, and Captain Owen Desberg. 

Stein, a junior and third year mock trial member, explained the team positions. She was the closing attorney for the defense side

“Each team is composed of [an opening and closing] defense and prosecution [attorney], a bailiff, and two witnesses,” Stein said. 

The legal advisors for Revere High School’s three mock trial teams were Thomas Skidmore, Lucas Blower and Thomas Kelley. Kelley was the legal advisor for Team Justice. Program advisor Alan Silvidi explained the duties of the legal advisors. 

“They teach the students how to be attorneys, how to interpret case law. They have the most direct contact with the teams,” Silvidi said. 

Stein shared the goals the team had set before the 2020-2021 season. 

“Regionals was our [original] goal; we’d never advanced past districts,” Stein said. 

Senior, Team Justice Captain, and prosecution attorney Owen Desberg shared what he thought made the difference for the team this year. 

“One meeting a week as a whole team was not enough, so we met in our own separate teams and with our legal advisors once a week over zoom, for about two hours,” Desberg said. 

Stein agreed, citing the additional hours as the key to the team’s success.

“That’s what got us to states. We put in more work than we ever have. We were really happy to make it past districts to regionals, but we thought, ‘let’s not stop there’,” she said. 

Desberg discussed the team’s experience at states in detail. 

“It was all virtual; Mr. Skidmore was generous enough to let us use his law office for states; it was during the school day, so we couldn’t use a classroom,” Desberg said. 

Stein shared her feelings as well.

“It was the top nineteen teams in Ohio, so it [felt] kind of crazy for us. We were super nervous but really happy to be there,” Stein said. 

She described the excitement that surrounded the team during states. 

“The prosecution’s trial went really well; we [watched]  it on a little TV up in the attic. The energy was really high; we had food and everything; it was just a really good time,” Stein said. 

Silvidi expressed pride in Team Justice.

“I believe they finished fifth at states. Team Justice was the most experienced team this year; they’re really a model for the younger kids for how you should do this,” Silvidi said. 

Desberg also commented on the future of the program. He and the seniors of Team Justice will leave Revere High School as the first students to take a Revere Mock Trial team to states in fifteen years. 

“One side of Team Justice was entirely seniors, [including] Berrodin, Schmidt, Summerville, Torma and myself. As seniors and a tight-knit group of friends, it felt great to finally achieve this. The [rest of Team Justice] are all returning next year, so the team is in a great spot,” Desberg said. 

He spoke on the long-term benefits of participation in mock trial. 

“It’s been an enormous help, seeing what a courtroom looks like, being able to talk to professionals in the industry and understand the legal way of thinking. It’s a different style of thinking that will help with all sorts of endeavors,” Desberg said. 

Silvidi added his thoughts.

“It teaches [students] to think on their feet and improves their academic research and writing skills [along with] their speaking and arguing skills,” Silvidi said. 

Desberg expressed appreciation for all those involved in the program. 

“I have so much appreciation for Mr. Silvidi, who took this on three years ago, [Ellen] Friery, the previous coach, and our legal advisors. I have great expectations for next year,” Desberg said.