Several clubs host Middle Ground event to discuss climate change

Rory Wainwright, Associate Editor

Four different Revere High School clubs hosted a Middle Ground event for students to discuss and find a compromise to their opinions on climate change. 

Students Demand Action, Junior Statesmen of American, Young Republicans and Project Planet came together to hold an event in the cafeteria where students participate and learn about politics, specifically the controversial topic of climate change. Senior Julia Scott, Co-President of SDA, spoke about what a middle ground event is and how it runs.

“Students randomly get into groups of 5-8 students and attempt to come to a compromise on a given prompt. Each Middle Ground event has a central topic— this year’s was the environmental movement—so each question relates to that,” Scott said. 

Many different types of people show up to the event, but they all share the common goal to educate. Senior Co-President Keri Tomechko explained what the purpose of the event was. 

“The goal is to get students to see issues from multiple perspectives and to work together to reach a common agreement or a common solution to satisfy most people,” Tomechko said. 

This was the second event held by SDA, last year they held a meeting about gun-control. Scott explained how the topic is chosen. 

“SDA decides on the topic by observing which political issues seem to be the most prevalent and/or controversial among our generation,” Scott said. 

Senior Vice President of SDA Elizabeth Blackford, spoke about the mission of the group.

“Our mission, I believe, is to inspire people to be more politically active and knowledgeable,” Blackford said. 

The last Middle Ground event held around seventy people while this year, almost 100 students participated in the event. After the students discussed and debated their card questions, a few students were asked to share their consensus with the entire group. The groups led healthy discussions and all came to agreeable compromises. All clubs helped by bringing food, drinks and helped clean up afterwards as well as made sure the groups stayed on topic and controlled.