Several seniors compete at Cleveland Rock Off

Rory Wainwright, Associate Editor

Three Revere seniors will compete in the Cleveland Rock Off, a high school battle of the bands, to win cash prizes. 

The 2020 High School Rock Off will take place at the Cleveland Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. This competition gives high school student with a passion for music a chance to compete against each other for different prizes. Each band is associated with their high school. Bands from all over Ohio and Pennsylvania will be competing. The band representing Revere is the Rubbish Basement Dawgz. The members of this band are Chase McIntyre, Jon Flowers and Jordan Saroukhan. 

The band got together from being friends and bonding over music, Saroukhan explained how the band got involved with the program.

“We heard about it through Chase’s guitar instructor at the Fairlawn School of Music and we figured out how to audition and we sent in our demo’s to the live nation studio and we got in,” Saroukhan said. 

The band has played in talent shows and programs for the school system, so being able to play for large amounts of people in a competition is a big achievement to them. McIntyre explained how they got involved in the rock off. 

    “Each band had to submit two original songs with vocals. We were notified we were accepted and will be in the rock off at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame,” McIntyre said.

    Besides making music together, the boys have been friends before deciding to become a band. Jon “Iceman” Flowers describes what the band has taught him. 

    “The thing I’ve taken the most from this whole experience is simply how fun it all is. This band taught me what can come from three dudes just messing around, being borderline serious about it. I’m just very grateful that I’m at a place where I can just kick back and play with two of my best friends,” Flowers said. 

    The rock off will give the band a chance to win scholarships, funding, and a grand prize opportunity of $1000. Rubbish Basement Dawgz will perform on February 15 at the Cleveland Rock and Roll Hall of Fame