Revere hosts annual Veterans day assembly

Maria Silvidi, Staff Reporter

The Social Studies department and staff members of Revere worked and organized the annual Veterans Day assembly for veterans in the community and their relatives. 

Revere Intervention specialist, Jack Cooper, spoke about how the assembly started in the first place. 

“The state of Ohio said that all schools needed to do something to recognize Veterans Day. A couple teachers at Bath and myself put together an assembly,” Cooper said.

When Cooper moved to the high school in 2001,  the assembly came with him. 

“The principal at the high school at the time, had children that attended Bath and had seen that assembly. He asked me if I would be willing to put together an assembly for the high school,” Cooper said. 

Every year, the staff tries to make the assembly more memorable than the last usually by student involvement. 

This year, RHS principal Phil King spoke about the special event that took place before the assembly. 

“During the breakfast, the entire first grade class came over and did a presentation downstairs to the veterans. Which made it meaningful to the veterans for very young children to sing and make a presentation for them and their families,” King said. 

Social StudiesDepartment head Jeff Fry spoke about the Social Studies departments participation throughout the assembly. 

“We divided up all the tasks among the social studies department. We collaborated together to make sure that everything got done,” Fry said. He explained each of the tasks the social studies department had responsibility for. 

“Mr. Rahas was in charge of flags, Mr. Cooper did a lot of planning and we both did work on the breakfast,”Fry said. 

Fry went on to explain each teachers job in the making of the assembly. 

“Mr. Heyn got in contact with the guest speaker, Mrs.Walgate was in charge of getting the cake and organizing the reception afterwards with Mr.Milczewski. Mr.Jakab ran the projector during the assembly and Mr. Brown made a notebook to utilise and update [production of the assembly],” Fry said. Mr.Cooper spoke about what message students should get out of the assembly. 

“Students should understand and be able to visually see the sacrifices that were made by generations before them to give the freedoms they take for granted everyday,”Cooper said. 

Revere will continue this assembly over to the new high school to appreciate the people who gave their lives for our freedoms.