Revere High School adds new Minutemen Time program to schedules

Maria Silvidi, Staff Reporter

This year, Revere’s staff has created a time on Tuesdays and Thursdays for students to relax and use their brain in a different way. From ping pong to fantasy football to tutoring, the administration wanted to find a way to make school more enjoyable and more of a stress-free place for learning. 

Assistant Principal Doug Faris and principal Phil King spoke about their opinion on MMT and what the purpose of Minutemen Time is. 

“Kids get an opportunity to do something that gives their brain a mental break when they do non-academic things,” King said.

 One of the reasons Revere staff wanted to have Minutemen Time this year was to prepare kids to make their own decisions  when they are in high school and when they leave. 

“ We are trying to prepare you all [850 of you] to be able to make those decisions when you leave here,” Faris said. Another reason for letting kids pick their own MMT option was to let them make the decision on their own. 

“Kids know themselves better than we know them, and they know what they need to get the best out of MMT,” King said. 

Faris and King are also pleased about how smoothly Minutemen Time has been this year. 

“The great thing about this is that kids are going where are are suppose to go and if they need to go and get some tutoring . . . they are following the procedure,” King said.

 The staff’s way of knowing where kids are and if they are in the right place is used by google sheets so that they can keep track of all the kids in the school during MMT.

 “The accountability aspect of where you’re supposed to be, that was the brainchild of administration and teachers working together to come up with an idea on how to do this,” said Faris.  

Because people are talking about MMT, there was also the question if MMT would be around for other years.

“We would  like for this to continue; we really felt like the first six weeks we had MMT it seemed to flow really well,” King said.