Webcam makes construction progress available to the public

Kurt Benedict, Online Editor

The new Bath Elementary building is nearing completion and throughout the construction process the public can watch the building construction in real time with a live web camera which is placed at the site.

Architect John Orsini commented on the status of construction on the project, noting that exterior masonry is being completed on the building and windows are starting to go in. Orsini also mentioned that now most of the focus on the building and work there has shifted to the interior of the building.

“Bath Elementary is about halfway through construction. What they’re doing now is you’re about to start to see some see exterior finishes being completed. Windows have just started going in, and we expect the rest to be in shortly. If you go inside on the lower levels, you’ll see the framing for walls, technology, and electrical conduit is going in right now,” Orsini said.

Orsini also commented on the progress of construction at Revere High School, and noted that steel footings have been placed for the building and most of the work has shifted to the foundation, pouring concrete and working on exterior walls and the elevator shaft.

“If you look outside they’re putting in footings, and they have initially prepped the site and are getting the site ready for the building. Main underground utility lines have been made, and when they put the footings in there’s steel and rebar in there. They probably went down about 4 feet for the footings and that’s to where the earth no longer freezes. Shortly you’ll start to see the exterior walls on that building go up along with the elevator shaft,” Orsini said.

Principal Phil King also discussed the possibility of a webcam at the Revere High School site, and said that the idea of placing one at the high school site came about after the first was placed at Bath Elementary.

“We are looking at doing the same since a webcam was placed at Bath Elementary so that the public can watch the construction process. . . I think that it would be exciting and would give all of the members of the public an opportunity to see what is going on, especially since the building has already begun going up very quickly in the last few weeks,” King said.

Superintendent Matthew Montgomery commented on the webcams and their purpose, and also said they serve multiple purposes for both the construction firm and the administration to see what is going on at the sites. Montgomery also said that webcams had already been placed and installed at the Revere High School site, though the cameras have not yet been placed on a public feed on the website.

“The purpose behind the [webcam] is to see remotely what is happening at the construction site on any given day, and perhaps more importantly, so that our community can watch the progress of the building wherever they are. Sometimes you have community members that are driving by the building and can see what is happening, and other times you can’t, so it’s just a way to have community outreach for the exciting times that are ahead in terms of the new building and the construction that goes along with it,” Montgomery said.

The construction projects on both buildings are on schedule and are scheduled by completed by August 2019 and August 2020, respectively.