National Honors Society Congratulates New Inductees

Rory Wainwright , Reporter

National Honor Society inducted new students who applied and met the criteria of the clubs standards.

Students are able to apply for their junior and senior years. Coordinator Amy Fagnilli, who runs the program,  commented on how the students apply and are chosen,

“ [They are] accepted by a teacher committee based on the student meeting criteria for GPA, service work, extracurricular activities, and leadership [qualifications],” Fagnilli said.

Applications are only accepted within a certain time frame. Fagnilli speaks about when the applications are submitted,

“ [You] apply in early November of junior or senior year,” Fagnilli said.

From there the students are chosen from who fits all of the criteria that is looked for. Junior Keri Tomechko speaks about why she decided to apply to NHS.

“I knew that many of the older students who I look up to were involved in the club, so I attended the informational meeting where current club leaders talked about the club and applications were distributed. I decided that I thought the club would be a good fit for me because I met all of the criteria and I enjoy participating in service projects,” Tomechko said.

Every year, the students from the previous year will help set up an informal induction for the incoming inductees in the library. Tomechko commented on this year’s induction.

“The ceremony was a very unique and memorable experience. Each student was called from their class and given a certificate. All of the new inductees were greeted by current members in the library. Club leaders gave speeches about the club, its traditions, and the new members,” Tomechko said.

The formal banquet is scheduled for March 12 at St. George’s church. The inductees will be introduced and given a formal certificate.