PTSA Reflections focuses on hero theme

Rory Wainwright, Reporter

The PTSA Reflections Program is an annual contest where kids of any grade can enter different forms of art and be judged on their work.

There are six different categories available for students to enter. These include dance choreography, film production, literature, music composition, photography and visual arts. The high school’s reflections supervisor is Karen Smik, who is also the president of the PTA. Every year there is a new theme, and this year is “Heroes Around Me.” Smik commented on what the theme adds to the contest.

“[The theme] helps the PTA recognize children for their creativity as they reflect on and provide a personal interpretation through their work and their ‘artist’s statement’ of the yearly theme,” Smik said.

After the student enters their piece into the contest, it will be sent into judging. Smik explained how judging works within the system.

“Individuals not affiliated with the Revere School District are selected to judge each category.  For example, all district entries in the literature category are given to the literature judge to review, the score (based on a rubric provided by the National PTA), rank (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.) based on total score.  It’s important to note that all entries are judged within their specific age division, all primary visual arts entries are judged together, and all intermediate visual arts entries are judged together,” Smik said.

Senior Kristen DiCresce will enter with a poem that will be dedicated to her mother and  sister. DiCresce commented on what a hero means to her.

“The theme of this year may have been meant for a story less on the nose. I imagine many people may write about minor characters in their life who impacted them greatly. I think a hero doesn’t have to be perfect.They don’t have to fix everything. Sometimes the sound of a hero’s voice makes you so annoyed because you hear it every day and you wish she would just get out of your room and let you be angsty in peace,” DiCresce said.

The program is beneficial to all students who want to find a creative outlet. DiCresce explained why she believes that it is advantageous.

“I think any program that encourages young people to express themselves and reflect on the impact of others is worthwhile. A hero can be so many things to different people. I think everyone should be allowed to represent their life and tell that story,” DiCresce said.

Freshman Brooke Smith is entering the contest for the very first time. She decided to write a piece of literature. Smith commented on why she decided to enter the competition.

“I wanted to write a story that someone will read and enjoy,” said Smith.

After the entries receive local judging, the pieces with the highest scores will move on to the state judging. There they will go on to the national level. A ceremony will take place on January 10, and will be held in the high school cafeteria.