Seven students achieve perfect ACT scores this year

Amanda Nelson, Editor-in-Chief

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Two sophomores achieved perfect scores on the ACT adding to the five seniors who also received perfect scores.

Sophomore Samantha Ma obtained a perfect score on her ACT while taking the test for the first time. She described the type of preparation that led to her testing well.

“I did all of the official practice tests and checked my answers in the end. If I ever missed anything in grammar or math, I would write it down in a notebook so I wouldn’t make the same mistake next time,” Ma said.

After taking practice tests and reviewing her errors, Ma takes the night off before the test. She explained how she de-stressed before the test.

“Actually [I] didn’t study the night before the test because I thought that would’ve been too stressful. I also didn’t want to be tired during the test, so I went to bed early and had coffee in the morning,” Ma said.

Sophomore Cooper Krauth also achieved a perfect score during the September ACT. His preparation paralleled that of Ma’s. Krauth provided his tips to focus during the three-hour test.

“Focusing for such a long time is something that I and most students probably find impossible. If I ever catch myself losing focus, I take a ten or twenty second break to relax before I concentrate again,” Krauth said.

College admissions consider the ACT when evaluating a student’s application, making a good score a goal for many college-bound students. Krauth shared his advice to students looking to improve their scores on the ACT.

“I recommend that students avoid taking too many practice tests without reviewing their mistakes. Usually, people are just weak in a few areas that can be improved with a concentrated focus on those types of problems,” Krauth said.

School counselor Jennifer Kirchner aids many students through the process of taking the ACT. She gives examples of this.

“We provide practice opportunities throughout each school year, we recommend when students should take the ACT based on their curriculum that they’ve had, and if needed we can assist them in showing them how to sign up,” Kirchner said.

Kirchner has proctored the ACT in the past. The state offers a free opportunity for students to take the test through the school in March, which started last year. Kirchner commented on how our school system prepares students for this test.

“The academics [students] receive at Revere High School are going to prepare them for the knowledge they need on the test. It’s typically the actual test taking skills for a timed test that is a struggle for many students,” Kirchner said.

Ma and Krauth join seniors Tiger Du, Karl Godard, Jack Krew, Victoria Lu and Kyle Shin making a total of seven people in the school with a perfect score of 36 on the ACT.

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Seven students achieve perfect ACT scores this year