Women’s cross country bonds over season

Amanda Nelson, Editor-in-Chief

The women’s cross country team scored high during the first invitational of their season and hopes to continue this throughout the year.

Amy Fagnilli has coached the women’s cross country team for six years. As of September 13, the team has participated in four invitationals. Fagnilli details their preseason.

“[The girls] start practicing in August, but many of [them] ran over the summer and that got them in great shape for the start of the season,” Fagnilli said.

The girls run 3.1 miles during a race. The top three times of the season are Freshman Reese Downing with a 22.08, Senior Macy Keaton with a 23.06 and Senior Olivia Kovitch with a 23.33. Fagnilli evaluates the top runners of the team.

“Macy Keaton is killing it for her senior year. She has been the second or third runner in most meets. Keri Tomechko has also improved. She was bothered by injuries in the past. Olivia Kovitch has always been a strong and consistent runner. Reese Downing is a freshman and is first on the team,” Fagnilli said.

Keaton has run with the high school women’s cross country team for four years and runs with the varsity squad. Keaton explains the scoring process of a cross country meet.

“The top seven runners run in the varsity race, which is normally the only race that gets scored, and your team’s top five runners get their ranking added up and then that score gets compared to that of other schools,” Keaton said.

  Keaton describes the team’s greatest strength this season.

“Our greatest strength is our great team bond. I would say we are all pretty good friends and we don’t really deal with any competitiveness or people talking behind someone else’s back. Overall we have a lot of fun with each other,” Keaton said.

The team practices Monday through Thursday from 3:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. at Howe Meadow. Keaton highlighted the start of their season.

“We did really well at our first invitational, our team got second place in the small school division,” Keaton said.

Senior Katie Hathaway joined cross country for the first time this year. She described the atmosphere of the team.

“Everyone is extremely kind and encouraging. We all really know how to push each other so we can practice and race to the best of our ability,” Hathaway said.

Hathaway joined the cross country team after suggestions from her friends She also stated it would be fun to try something new. Hathaway elaborated on dynamic of the team through organized activities.

“We have a week where we do not have a race, so we fill it with bonding activities. We make team shirts, organize games, and get to really bond as a team because of it,” Hathaway said.

Senior Paige Mesecar has also participated in cross country for four years. She described the team’s attitude toward


“We love long runs and dislike sprints and interval workouts,” Mesecar said.

Mesecar gave her outlook for the future of the season.

“We have scored well so far this season, and will hopefully improve,” Mesecar said.

The team will race in the Suburban League championship at Silvercreek on October 11. Seniors for the year include Claire Brandewie, Katherine Hathaway, Macy Keaton, Olivia Kovitch, Victoria Liu, Eleni Livesay, Paige Mesecar, Allison Morris, Kate Morrison and Melise Williams.