Revere organizes art show to showcase student artists

Lily Cowie, Reporter

Revere High School organized an art show to celebrate the artistic talents of students young and old,  inspiring those who visited the show.

Art teacher Jennifer Seegert discussed her role in organizing the show.

“The other art teachers and I help with the art role primarily by collecting students work, handing out and collecting entry forms, matting artwork and making sure it gets entered on time.  We also are responsible for moving the 3-D work down to the gym for art show set up, checking in with seniors who are building senior booths, being at the school on the weekend of art show set up and being at the art show on opening night,” Seegert said.

Seegert also mentioned how long it takes to put the show together and the process involved.

“The PTSA Arts Chairman, Karen Smik, usually starts planning the next art show right after the current one is finished.  She and the other volunteers organize the art show forms, recruit judges, order ribbons, reserve the gym, organize snacks, etc.  It’s a pretty long process. The part that we as teachers are involved in usually starts the first trimester of school as we are trying to collect artwork for the spring show.  The week before entry day is when the real heavy work starts and runs through opening night,” Seegert said.

Art teacher Bob Pierson discussed the art show judges.

“The judges are chosen by the PTSA. They are generally college art professor, retired educators and local artists,” Pierson said.

Pierson also talked about how the artwork was judged.

“Generally the works are judged based on quality, technique, appearance, subject and originality,” Pierson said.

Seegert discussed the importance of showcasing the students’ art.

“I think that a lot of students really don’t have a lot of confidence in themselves when it comes to art.  Sometimes when I suggest that someone enter something in the art show they’re surprised and think it isn’t good enough.  I think it’s really important for them to see that other people like what they’ve done. Everyone needs a little extra encouragement and the art show helps them get that,” Seegert said.
Pierson also commented on the importance of the show.

“The show gives students the opportunity to share their creations with others. It does a nice job of showcasing the quality of the art programs that Revere Schools offer,” Pierson said.

Sophomore Jessica Raimondo talked about the art she entered in the art show.

“It’s never really my intention to win, but I was very happy to find out that I won a couple awards. I turn in my pieces to show the world what I can do and express myself in the art world,” Raimondo said.
Senior Allison Gonzales discussed her excitement for the show.

“I was really excited to look at the art of my friends; I’m so proud of everything they’ve accomplished and it was amazing to see what they created,” Gonzales said.

Raimondo commented on what the art show means to her and her peers.

“Not only is it fun to see your own work displayed at the art show, but it’s also really great to see all the artwork that everyone else has. It is amazing to see the artwork made by people who you never knew had an artistic talent and see what they created. It’s one of the only times of the year I get to geek out on art. I could be there for hours and not get bored. I feel like a proud mother during the awards ceremony when I see my friends have won an award for an art piece they worked so hard on,” Raimondo said.

Gonzales also discussed the importance of the art show for young artists.

“Showcasing talented students and their art is an important experience for both the artists and the visitors. It can be so inspiring to walk around and see the unbelievable entries the students put in,” Gonzales said.

The art show ran from Monday, April 23 to Thursday, April 26.