Students spread anti-bullying message

Lux DeMoss, Staff Reporter

A group of RHS students filmed a commercial to help to spread the message about bullying in high school.

At Risk Coordinator Bonnie Simonelli talked about how the idea and opportunity for the commercial to air on television happened.

“I actually saw this as an ad for 2 Good 4 Bullies on WOIO  Channel 19 News.  I emailed the director and was contacted back to talk more about what Revere does,” Simonelli said.

  Simonelli also added why spreading awareness about bullying is important and how it can improve our building.

“We must spread the message because this is how others know we are here.  The group that did the TV spots are all signed on to take this further in Revere and work on programs right here,” Simonelli said.

Guidance counselor Jenny Kirchner  discussed how the students had the opportunity to be a part of the commercial.

“Mrs. Simonelli called, we gathered the group from last May who were part of the voluntary Upstander program and they all agreed to be a part of it,” Kirchner said.

Kirchner then talked about what she wants people to think when they view the commercial and the message.

“Be an upstander. If you witness bullying, stand up, if that’s too hard, tell a trusted adult. Support each other. Social media should be a tool used in a positive way, not a keyboard to hide behind,” Kirchner said.

Kirchner spoke about how everyone can make a positive change to the world around them.

“Everyone should be empowered to have the ability to make a positive change in the world around them. We all know right from wrong. Be brave and  do the right thing. You won’t be sorry you did,” Kirchner said.

Student council president Becca Fisher talked about how she found out about the commercial.

“I found out about the commercial through Mrs. Kirchner and Mrs. Simonelli and the ‘Revere Upstanders’ group we started at the end of last year,” Fisher said.

She then described the message of the commercial and explained why it is important to high school kids.

“Bullying goes unreported every day. Sometimes the bullies don’t even know that their actions are hurtful. The commercial’s main message is a lot like our school’s motto ‘see something, say something.’ It encourages students to stand up for victims of bullying or offer support to friends in need,” Fisher said.

Sophomore Claire Jimerson spoke about the experience of doing the commercial and what it was like to know so many people would see her speaking out about bullying and standing up for the cause.

“It was kind of difficult to stand up against what a lot of people do not talk about just because of such a stigma, but I think in the long run it was a pleasant experience,” Jimerson said.

Fisher also mentioned what the experience of doing the commercial was like and how she felt about people who do not attend Revere seeing it.

“I was happy to do it for the school because I think it delivers a very important message, but it was nerve-wracking thinking about the non-Revere people that would see it,” Fisher said.

Jimerson also added how she felt when she found out about the commercial.

“When I first found out about it I thought it was really good that we were finally doing something about it,” Jimerson said.