Community takes time to honor U. S. Veterans

Lily Cowie, Staff Reporter

Revere High School students took time out of their schedules to attend an assembly, plan a brunch and sing to honor the United States Veterans.

Program coordinator Jack Cooper discussed the importance of the assembly.

“Today’s young people have not lived through an actual war like people over 45 or 50, so it’s our goal to bring understanding of the sacrifices made by men to maintain securities of their freedoms. Families gave up time with their loved ones for what we enjoy everyday,” Cooper said.

Cooper also mentioned the impact the program on the community.

“Some of them [community members] look so forward to this day and it’s one opportunity for people in our community to see the RHS student body make a positive representation of young people.” Cooper said.

According to long term choir substitute Nicholas Modney, the choir sang three songs to honor the veterans. The choir had been practicing the song since Modney received the sheet music.

“I have had the music from the first day of class and have had the choir work on the repertoire at least three days a week since the beginning of the school year,” Modney said.

According to Cooper, the planning of the assembly itself was a long process.

“We usually start the day after the veteran’s assembly last year,” Cooper said.

Vice principal Doug Faris spoke about the planning for the veterans day program.

“My role [in planning the assembly] was limited, but I gave a welcoming speech, and Mr. King sang [the national anthem],” Faris said.

Faris also mentioned the school where he used to work. He said they partnered with the elementary school and they took a moment of silence over the loudspeaker, but they never did an assembly. He hoped to meet all the veterans.

Student council president Becca Fisher mentioned that the student council would be putting on a brunch for the veterans.

“The veterans came to the school before the assembly to socialize with students and eat food provided by PTSA,” Fisher said.

Both Faris and Modney mentioned that the Veterans Day assembly took place on the same day of finals.

“While it was during finals, the message it sent was more important than tests,” Modney said.

The Veterans Day assembly took place between the two final exams on November 10.