District attempts to replace trimester schedule

Kurt Benedict, Assistant Online Editor

Revere High School recently held meetings throughout October to discuss the possible implementation of a new schedule which would replace the current trimester schedule next year.

Revere High School principal Phil King spoke about why school was starting late on certain days.

“The late start schedule for October is a two-hour delay. We have three different dates: October 2, October 16, and October 30. Students do not have to report until 9:30 am. Those that go to CVCC will still have their normal schedule. We are doing that so that the staff members in our building can work on and discuss bringing to our building a new daily schedule, and it takes a lot of work to do that. We are getting support from the Board of Education to have this time available as well as the superintendent and curriculum director. For those three days, students will get to have a little longer weekend and sleep in,” King said.

King also discussed the reasons why a new schedule is necessary.

“There are a number of things that are affecting schools today regarding testing, College Credit Plus, and maybe even a few others that have really affected our daily schedule, and it is very difficult to schedule testing and so forth. But, if we do not look at changing our schedule, I think we are doing disservice to our students. They might be taking a test when they have not even completed their class and have to take the test such as an end of course exam, or they finish the course and it is three months later when they have to take an exam over something that they finished three months ago, and the timing is just really poor. Another issue is that we have College Credit Plus, where we have kids that take semester courses within our trimester schedule. I think that we are doing a disservice to our student body at this time, because things have changed over the course of the last 16 or 17 years that the trimester schedule has been in place,” King said.

King spoke about the proposal of the new schedule.

“Over the past few years, we have had staff members that have come to me, so I have proposed new schedules, and I have had committees work on it, and it is just a different way to try to try to get to the point of trying to make a schedule that is beneficial to as many students as we can,” King said.

King elaborated on what benefits this new schedule might have on students.

“We believe that our schedule, whatever we come up with, would be more flexible,” King said.

King also talked about how students might be affected by this new schedule.

“Our students are very bright, and so I think that no matter what schedule we have, they will adjust to that. It will always take some time to make the adjustment, but I think if we do it the right way, there will be few concerns,” King said.

King also talked about the importance of revising the schedule every so often.

“Because things have changed in the world of public education, we really believe that it is important to look at our schedule and make revisions, and change the schedule somewhat to help align with the necessary changes the state has dictated to us,” King said.

Revere High School assistant principal Doug Faris spoke about the positives of the new schedule.

“[The change] would benefit the kids that have to take the end of course exams, because what is happening right now is say, you have English first and second trimester, but you have a break before the test, so you are actually not even in the class getting that reminder and getting that practice when the test is third trimester. So, we want to try to align the testing schedule with the end of course exams that the freshmen, sophomores, and juniors have to take with our teaching schedule. It also gets kids ready for college because colleges are on a semester schedule,” Faris said.

Revere social studies teacher Ellen Friery spoke about what has happened so far at the meetings.

“The first meeting was presenting four basic options with chances of variation, so teachers went to small groups, each meeting for about ten minutes to see each of the four presentations on the major categories. That was as far as we got. We completed a short survey, and now we are supposed to think about what is best for students,” Friery said.

Friery also discussed the proposal for the new schedule and why it is necessary.

“We are finding with the trimester schedule, although it works out pretty well now, with end of course exams that the state of Ohio is requesting with College Credit Plus courses that are being offered, with CVCC students, and special needs students, that the semester schedule looks like the better option. With the trimester schedule, some students are taking end of course exams when they are only four weeks into the course, or they are taking end of course exams when they have had the first part or second part a trimester ahead,” Friery said.

Friery also talked about whether or not a later start time would be incorporated in the future someday.

“As a psychology teacher, parent and grandparent, I totally believe in starting the school day later for high school students. That is not one of the things we are looking at now, in fact, Mr. King said that was not a discussion, just the schedule [for now]. Although, I noticed a big difference in my students when they started at 9:30 one morning [rather] than at 7:30, so maybe a compromise like starting at 8:30 will happen someday,” Friery said.

The new schedule will be put in place by next year.