Revere welcomes new assistant principal


Faris enjoys spending time with his family outside of school.

Kurt Benedict, Assistant Online Editor

Revere High School welcomed a new assistant principal this year, bringing a new perspective to the students.

Doug Faris came from Kenmore High School in Akron to Revere High School this year after his hiring as the new assistant principal.

He described what he enjoys about his job so far.

“It’s an opportunity for me to be more involved in the bigger picture of the school. I was a teacher for nine years and was a substitute for two years, and I really loved teaching, but I had always wanted to be part of the bigger picture for the school, and being the assistant principal allows me to do that. I kind of get the best of both worlds. I get to interact with the kids, which I love to do, and then I get to interact with the staff members and get to learn about them . . . and then working with Mr. King is pretty awesome,” Faris said.

Faris also commented about what is different at Revere compared to his previous position.

“Coming from a district that was a lot bigger (there were twenty-four thousand kids and eight high schools in the same district), we did not get that sort of close feeling that is here at Revere. I get to work with the superintendent about once or twice a week, which is awesome, because I am able to interact with him on a much more personal level. I like the close fit that Revere has,” Faris said.

Faris also discussed what he is doing differently at Revere as opposed to previous years.

“I think within this year everything is new, so something that Mr. King and Mr. Montgomery have kind of put me in charge of is working with CVCC (Cuyahoga Valley Career Center). I actually went there on September 12, and I am learning about the program, as well as the different options that are available for Revere students, and that is pretty exciting for me, because I never really had a chance to do that . . . but here I also oversee testing, which I have done before, and I get to evaluate the staff as part of their evaluation process,” Faris said.

Faris spoke about what he wants Revere students to know about him.

“The biggest thing is that I care about them. Even at the end of the day when they’ve done something wrong, I care about them, and I want to work to correct it and then help them move forward. I want them to graduate with a plan for their life, not necessarily what everyone else says they should do, but what they want to do and what they’re passionate about, because they’re going to be most successful if they go into something that they’re passionate about, and that they are interested in . . . . Also, I’m kind of silly and funny sometimes, so I want kids who are struggling with stress or anxiety to know that they can come talk to me, and I can help them laugh and help them relax a little bit,” Faris said.

Faris also spoke about what he enjoys to do outside of school.

“I like to run, and my son runs cross country, so I like to run with him. I do enjoy reading as well. I’m so busy with my kids and their schedules. My daughter plays volleyball [and cheers], and my son does cross country . . . . I just like to hang out with my family, and I live in Canton, so my kids go to Glen Oak,” Faris said.

Matthew Montgomery, superintendent of Revere Local Schools, described how he was involved in the selection process.

“There was a committee that was formed that was made up of teachers, principals, central office administrators, and that team came together to help interview candidates. We had a great deal of candidates for this position, and we did many interviews, so that team really helped narrow down the candidates, and Mr. Faris certainly rose to the top quickly and remained there throughout the process. So, after the team met with the candidate, then there was a second round interview with Mr. King and myself, and then after that then there was a decision made,” Montgomery said.

Montgomery then spoke about what qualities made Faris a good candidate.

“He is a very experienced individual. He has experience running the building. He was the Kenmore High School principal last school year, and I thought that experience was instrumental to his success for moving into Revere. Moreover, he has extensive background in curriculum and instruction, and our vision is that principals are the instructional leaders of the buildings, and his experience in curriculum and instruction was paramount to being the lead candidate,” Montgomery said.

Montgomery also spoke about what other attributes Faris showed that are important leadership qualities.

“We could see that he can develop relationships with individuals, both adults and students, and I will tell you that that is the most important attribute of any leader, being able to develop those relationships and form trust. He is doing a phenomenal job developing those relationships even in his short tenure, and I look forward to the great things that he will add to the Revere family,” Montgomery said.

Phil King, principal of Revere High School, described what qualities made Faris a good candidate.

“He has a great way with people; he has a kind heart, and he is very caring, and I think he shows that to everyone. I also think he has good knowledge and good experience that have really prompted him to have a good relationship with us here and I think with our students already, and that is really showing,” King said.
King also spoke about other qualities that contribute to Faris’s hard work.

“I have gotten to know him very well, and I really appreciate his hard work, his determination, and I am going to use the word grit, because he is the kind of guy that keeps at it until he gets the job done, and he is very, very helpful. He has really become a good friend already, so I am very pleased,” King said.