Eighth graders participate in high school transition day

Kurt Benedict, Staff Reporter

The Revere High School guidance department held an annual event to welcome 8th graders to the high school as they approach their freshman year.

Revere guidance counselor Jenny Kirchner described what the event, 8th grade transition day, is all about.

“[It is] a day for 8th graders to visit RHS and get comfortable with the building, the atmosphere, and to just get excited about coming here next year,” Kirchner said.

During this event, RHS students who have gone through the required training act as tour guides for the 8th graders and show them around the building, giving them insight on classes to take.

Kirchner noted what the tour guides as well as the 8th graders do during the event.

“[They] rotate through three different events: [in the first, they] sit on a panel to tell about their experiences to help [the 8th graders] start off with their best foot forward. During the next rotation, the tour guides walk around the building with students and show them where classrooms and departments are located. The third and final rotation is when the tour guides and student groups go to the cafeteria, where many of our sports teams, clubs, and organizations are represented, and students are then encouraged to check out these groups and see if they would like to be a part of these groups in their freshman year,” Kirchner said.

Kirchner also commented on how anyone can be a tour guide.

“We received a lot of students who were interested in being a tour guide this year. Anyone can do it, but because of the large number of those interested, we had to cut down on the number of tour guides we needed,” Kirchner said.

Olivia Kovitsch, a junior at RHS, talked about what she did during her experience of the event as an eighth grader. Kovitsch said the event had helped her to prepare for high school.

“It did help prepare me for coming here as I got to see some rooms and where they were at,” Kovitsch said.

Revere High School guidance counselor Mike Murphey commented on how anyone who is interested in being a tour guide can sign up.

“You can sign up in the guidance office and go through the required training if interested in being a tour guide,” Murphey said.

The event was held on Wednesday, February 8 at RHS.