Science instructor answers questions concerning retirement

Avery Miller-Dakota, Staff Reporter

Cindy Blaser
Department Head of Sciences, Science Teacher

Q: How long have you been working at RHS?
A: “I have been here for twenty-three years.”

Q: Do you have any retirement plans?
A: “We are going to spend time with our granddaughters.We also want to travel, my husband and myself.”

Q: What do you think is the number one problem students face on a daily bases?
A: “I think we are too focused on the electronics of our age. They do have advantages but I think also it is keeping a lot of young people from really getting all the goodness out of life.”

Q: How has the use of technology changed since your first year at
A: “Technology has come a long way and it has changed how teachers teach and it has certainly changed how students learn.”

Q: What were your best and worst experiences at RHS?
A: “The best [experience was] getting to know all the great kids that come here and [getting to watch] them mature. [The worst
experience was] dealing with a lot of
paperwork that goes along with