Music teacher retires, enthusiastic about future opportunities

PHOTO COURTESY OF prestige Used with permission.

PHOTO COURTESY OF prestige Used with permission.

Avery Miller-Dakota, Staff Reporter

Deborah Devore
Department Head of Choir, Assistant Director of Band

Q: How long have you been teaching?
A: “[I taught] thirty years at Revere.”

Q: Why did you decide to teach at the high school level?
A: “High schoolers are the best people in the world. They are old enough to treat like adults but still young enough to have fun with. They are the ideal [combination].”

Q: If you could put a senior quote in Lantern, what would it be?
A: “Student brains should not be wired.”

Q: What are your retirement plans?
A: “I will be working part time at a music store and I would like to start studying to be a yoga teacher. I will also be volunteering at Pawsibilities which is an organization that helps abused and neglected dogs. I will also be volunteering with the church choir.”

Q: How has teaching teenagers influenced your life?
A: “It [keeps] me young.”

Q: How has the use of technology changed since your first year at RHS?
A: “We have been a part of a revolution.”

Q: What do you think is the
number one problem students face on a daily basis?
A: “The technological distraction [students
experience] is overwhelming. Kids need to learn to unplug. I think every kid should have to go on a walk out in the woods somewhere once a day.”