Final goodbye from sports editor

I am not the type of individual to become emotional over a goodbye. No matter how sad they can be, it is a part of our lives and we, as humans, must accept that. Now I could sit here and bellow about how much Lantern has made an impact on my life and how much gratitude I have for the paper, but that is not how I would like to end my career as the Sports and Online Editor of this well respected organization. Do not get me wrong, I have had the absolute pleasure of sitting in Mr. Silvidi’s classroom during first period over the past two years and would trade nothing in the world for it, but this is more than that. I am going out with my true ending. 

A wise man once said, “If you are not living in the moment, then where are you living?” The identity of this person shall be revealed at the end of this column, but it is a quote that I hold dear to my heart. My family is saddened to see me depart to the next stage of my life, but I always remind them how we must enjoy the time we have together now. Yes, I will be gone soon, but more importantly is the fact that I am here now. Do not cry for the future when the present is joyous.

While you are reading this, take some time to immerse yourself in your current moment. Time flies by so fast, and most of us take it for granted. I have attended well over two thousand days of school over the past twelve years, and now I approach the end. I have met so many phenomenal people, but could not tell you their story. Gaze upon your surroundings now, and take a note of how many people you see, keeping in mind that you do not know their story. I wish I had more time to collect the stories of my companions, but it is too late for me to accomplish that. Now, is it too late for you? 

That question is for you to decide, dear reader. You could sit in the moment you are in right now and just stay there. On the other hand, you could go out of your way and collect those stories that I could not. The worst possible experience is walking away with numerous “what if” questions, because they will haunt you. I often find myself asking many questions and trying to determine the long term effects. Trust me, it is not something I relish.

Wherever you are, do not be afraid to seize your opportunity. Your moment will not be made for you because it will be made BY you. Just remember, dear reader, “If you are not living in the moment, then where are you living?” – Colton R. Carmichael